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CAS PhD Thesis LaTeX Template


LaTeX thesis template for CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences).

    Pollen tube image classification

    Matlab, C++

    Use image process to extract high level features defined by plant scientists, including longest branch length, branching features, bubble features and wavy features. Those features excel in classification task compared to Haralick and Zernick feature sets.
    • Wang C, Gui C-P, Liu H-K, Zhang D and Mosig A (2013), An Image Skeletonization-Based Tool for Pollen Tube Morphology Analysis and Phenotyping, Journal of Integrative Plant Biology. Vol. 55(2), pp. 131-141. Blackwell Publishing Asia. Link

    In Vivo Flow Cytometry Picker

    MatLab, C++

    Signal processing for IVFC
    • Damm D, Wang C, Wei X and Mosig A (2009), Cell Counting for In Vivo Flow Cytometer Signals Using Wavelet-Based Dynamic Peak Picking, In Biomedical Engineering and Informatics, 2009. BMEI'09. 2nd International Conference on. , pp. 1-4. Link
    • Li Y, Guo J, Wang C, Fan Z, Liu G, Wang C, Gu Z, Damm D, Mosig A and Wei X (2011), Circulation times of prostate cancer and hepatocellular carcinoma cells by in vivo flow cytometry, Cytometry Part A. Vol. 79(10), pp. 848-854. Link

    What do I know?

    C#, Dotnet core
    HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript
    React, Redux
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